So... what'd you think?

Did you have fun?

What was fun about it?

What wasn't so fun?
I wasn't actually sure how to play. What are the controls? What is the objective?

Did anything in particular stand out as awesome?
Painting the map was cool, especially since you could change colors.

Did anything in particular stand out as awful?
Lack of instructions or objectives.

Did you enjoy mixing colors?
I could mix colors?

Did you have trouble mixing or distinguishing colors?
There were no clear instructions about how to mix colors or what it does.

Did you enjoy the graphics/art style?
They seemed primative, but I assume later releases will be more polished.

Did you enjoy listening to the in-game music?
I wasn't using my speakers. Derp.

Were the in-game sound effects satisfying?
Still not using my speakers.

Did you have any trouble controlling Blob Man? Did he always do what you wanted him to?
He seemed to control well using the controls I figured out: move, jump, slide. I don't know what else I could do.

Did you ever feel like you didn't know what was going on? If so, please explain when/where!
Yes, the entire time. The goal was unclear as were the controls.

Were the enemies interesting?
No idea, I'm wasn't sure how to fight.

Were they difficult? Were they too easy?
Without understanding how to actually fight, I couldn't say.

Were the menus easy to navigate?

Did you have any trouble?
When attempting to download google chrome claimed the installer was malicious.

What would you like to see more of?
Instructions and goals

What would you like to see less of?
Without knowing how to play I couldn't say.

So overall, you would say your experience with Splat! was: 1 - Awful, worst game I've ever played. 2 - Bad, probably won't play it much if at all. 3 - Alright, I'll probably try it again. 4 - Good, I'm looking forward to the next release. 5 - Super fantastic! I love this game!!!

Any last thoughts? Any advice or suggestions for Splat! or OPifex as a whole?
I would really like to give it another try, actually knowing how to play.