So... what'd you think?

Did you have fun?

What was fun about it?
The movement was smooth and once you got the hang of the controls the game was nice and fluid. Painting the world was pretty fun in and of itself. Good sound and sound effects.

What wasn't so fun?
Not being able to kill anything.... The enemies sometimes go crazy and hunt you down like nobody's business, and other times they are as mild as kittens, and just mind their own business. I never really got much feeling of tension in terms of having to flee for my life or when hunting down a foe. Some kind of instruction would be good to. How do you shed your color and go back to black? I swear I made it happen once, but could never do it again.

Did anything in particular stand out as awesome?
The sliding when in rainbow mode looked super cool. Using your body to paint the world was in general a pretty excellent mechanic.

Did anything in particular stand out as awful?
Enemies not being splat-able...

Did you enjoy mixing colors?
Catching those little buggers was difficult at times, but that made it kinda fun.

Did you have trouble mixing or distinguishing colors?
The orange needs to be a darker shade, like a pumpkin orange!

Did you enjoy the graphics/art style?
The splashy-ness of everything is really neat.

Did you enjoy listening to the in-game music?
A catchy tune but one that would get on my nerves if I played for more than 10 minutes or so.

Were the in-game sound effects satisfying?
I never got to hear the sound of a splatting! The movement sounds were good but not exceptional.

Did you have any trouble controlling Blob Man? Did he always do what you wanted him to?
He controlled tight, the transition from jumping and sliding to running again felt a bit stinted. There was always a hang time where you just stood still (maybe on purpose?) which cut into the fluid feel of the movement a little.

Did you ever feel like you didn't know what was going on? If so, please explain when/where!
Again, how do you shed your color if you want to start from black again? WHY CAN'T I KILL ANYTHING?

Were the enemies interesting?
Adding some basic facial features might make them a little more interesting to look at. One of the enemies looked like a thing scuttling around on 3 legs, like a fucked up spider. That might be a graphical glitch on my machine...

Were they difficult? Were they too easy?
See previous comment on enemies bi-polar disorder.

Were the menus easy to navigate?

Did you have any trouble?
Why are there stars associated with this question? I assume low stars = low problems.

What would you like to see more of?
More movement abilites! Maybe based on color? Also, maybe having some basic combat moves, like slide kicks or the ability to fling some paint from yourself, would make killing enemies more fun/interesting.

What would you like to see less of?
Bugs, but that is to be expected.

So overall, you would say your experience with Splat! was: 1 - Awful, worst game I've ever played. 2 - Bad, probably won't play it much if at all. 3 - Alright, I'll probably try it again. 4 - Good, I'm looking forward to the next release. 5 - Super fantastic! I love this game!!!

Any last thoughts? Any advice or suggestions for Splat! or OPifex as a whole?
I really like the webpage as well. Here's hoping this is the first of many!