So... what'd you think?

Did you have fun?

What was fun about it?
i liked the game! lol and i liked the style the effects looked very good!

What wasn't so fun?
the animation for the skitz looked funny transition from jumping to running to sliding wasnt fluid enough, and the animation for the splat guy needed more frames i think. sometimes i need the camera to zoom out when i jump cuz i lose track of my character is this possible on a mobile platform? it seems like a good game for it maybe make the paint blobs bigger it gets hard to grab them when there are so many monsters running around and i have this urge to throw the paint blobs at the monsters or slide kick into them. having more than one way to kill an enemy might be a intersting game mechanic more things coming as i play more

Did anything in particular stand out as awesome?
oops i didnt realize the form when on for a few pages... the artistic style was great!

Did anything in particular stand out as awful?
nothing terrible

Did you enjoy mixing colors?
i did but found it hard to do once again bigger blobs would make this easier. or maybe being able to pick up more than one color then decide which color to be

Did you have trouble mixing or distinguishing colors?
prior comment* although distingusihing colors was not a problem although i feel bad for the color blind lolol

Did you enjoy the graphics/art style?
by far what drew me into this game! nice

Did you enjoy listening to the in-game music?
i accedentally had my volume muted more later on this

Were the in-game sound effects satisfying?
more later on this

Did you have any trouble controlling Blob Man? Did he always do what you wanted him to?
controls for pc seemd a bit sluggish, jumping should alwasy be spacebar and sliding felt like a shift cammand for me

Did you ever feel like you didn't know what was going on? If so, please explain when/where!
nothing too much a simple tutorial would fix any confusion

Were the enemies interesting?
yes i liked them very much

Were they difficult? Were they too easy?
yes this game can be hard. afterall if yyou get hit once its over. i dont think there is any need for a health system BUT what if (just like sonic with his rings) if you have a color then if you get hit you lose your color but if you get hit while your black and have no color you die

Were the menus easy to navigate?

Did you have any trouble?

What would you like to see more of?
maybe a few different characters to pick from. blob man is fun but what if i got to chose from a blob girl or a tall blob man. just a random though

What would you like to see less of?

So overall, you would say your experience with Splat! was: 1 - Awful, worst game I've ever played. 2 - Bad, probably won't play it much if at all. 3 - Alright, I'll probably try it again. 4 - Good, I'm looking forward to the next release. 5 - Super fantastic! I love this game!!!

Any last thoughts? Any advice or suggestions for Splat! or OPifex as a whole?
great job guys! this journey is just starting for you take good advice and keep going.