So... what'd you think?

Did you have fun?

What was fun about it?
It took me a little while to get the hang of landing hits. But the sound it makes is satisfying and I definitely think the core mechanic is solid. I especially think it's clever that attacking will clear your color and if you missed an enemy you're now at their mercy.

What wasn't so fun?
Occasionally hit detection was odd. Once I came very near to hitting an enemy, and well... I missed. But as soon as I missed I lost a life because I was too close to the monster and obviously was the wrong color. If I was near enough to get hit I'd say I should have been near enough to make the kill.

Did anything in particular stand out as awesome?
I think the core mechanic has great potential.

Did anything in particular stand out as awful?
Not particularly.

Did you enjoy mixing colors?
I did. I'd say that it should only be possible to mix three at a time, or maybe two with one being the greater as in r/r/b to create marune which I did notice is possible but I didn't explore a whole lot of other possibilites. Also if there was something on the HUD to keep track of the colors currently being held that would be useful.

Did you have trouble mixing or distinguishing colors?
Not so much with mixing but sometimes it would be hard to pick out exactly where certain color... things were on the world if they were surrounded by the same color paint. I think that adds a level of challenge, and I don't particularly think ti's a bad thing. But the level at which the colors become somewhat difficult to find is a bit too soon and I'd say that's due to the size of the world.

Did you enjoy the graphics/art style?
It's in alpha so I understand that the character models and animations aren't quite up to what you want yet but I like the general feel. The enemies don't seem to make a whole lot of sense (biped rhino wut?) but that's not really a bad thing either. A more focused art style would be cool though.

Did you enjoy listening to the in-game music?
It wasn't bad, but sometimes I didn't even hear it playing. And at any rate I'm hoping to write the tracks for this game myself so...

Were the in-game sound effects satisfying?
I particularly enjoyed the sound of killing an enemy. It felt satisfying. The jumping and walking sound effects weren't quite as good but they work. With the sound you get for killing an enemy I'd like to see a big score number appear above.

Did you have any trouble controlling Blob Man? Did he always do what you wanted him to?
The controls make sense and after I understood that I have to let go of right click to actually jump I mostlly had no troubles. However it took me a minute to figure out that I need to right click again to attack. Is there a particular reason that function isn't applied to the left click while airborne? I personally would prefer that. Also if that were the case simply pressing the right mouse button would allow you to jump and the height wouldn't have to be fixed. It could be a smaller jump if not held. I'm no game designer myself but that's my two cents.

Did you ever feel like you didn't know what was going on? If so, please explain when/where!
I felt it was pretty clear, but finding enemies was a tad difficult. I think a wider view or perhaps a slightly translucent world would be helpful. That way there would be no need to go searching for enemies.

Were the enemies interesting?
There's nothing particularly wrong about the enemies right now beyond the hit detection I mentioned earlier. But I only noticed very slight gameplay differences. Visually I know you have to represent what color you need to be to kill them but something beyond solid colors would be good. I think having a basic skinning that would change colors accordingly would add a lot. As I was playing the game I was imagining all the possibilities for enemies. I feel if the game only had an arcade-like mode where you just go for as long as you can racking up your highest score against the basic enemies would be missing a lot of potential. (I don't meant to imply that that's all you plan to have. Just my impression of the Alpha) There's a lot of opportunity very creative and enjoyable enemies and even bosses. Two examples that came to mind while playing was the Metroid Prime from... Metroid Prime and Miracle Matter from Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (, Though those just follow the pattern of "Use this type of attack on me at this time" I think Splat! has tons of potential for interesting enemies. Maybe an enemy that throws colors at you in the hopes of messing up your current setup. Or an enemy with a long range attack. (Being able to sustain multiple hits would sort of be needed for this type of thing) A boss that has a number of weak points around the map. Etc. etc. etc. I know that was quite a lot but that was the place I thought the game could really become something unique and special. That core mechaninc can be applied in so many different ways. But I'm sure I'll have more time to rant about that later (and I will).

Were they difficult? Were they too easy?
They weren't easy to hit, but I found that to mean it was far more enjoyable when I actually land a hit.

Were the menus easy to navigate?

Did you have any trouble?
I didn't come across any menus that I remember. Maybe there was one? I dunno I didn't check. I can't really rate this one given the circumstances.

What would you like to see more of?
Like I said there's TONS of potential for a wide variety of fun and creative enemies, (I'd look to MOBA games like Leage of Legends and DotA for attacks and abilities. There's a great variety there) but not only that. The world itself could react to what color you are, or what color is most prevalent currently (obviously it should never require any one color since that's too difficult to control) and who says the world has to be a just one sphere? Why not jump around Super Mario Galaxy style? I think the game could get REALLY hectic and REALLY fun.

What would you like to see less of?
Nothing! More of everything!

So overall, you would say your experience with Splat! was: 1 - Awful, worst game I've ever played. 2 - Bad, probably won't play it much if at all. 3 - Alright, I'll probably try it again. 4 - Good, I'm looking forward to the next release. 5 - Super fantastic! I love this game!!!

Any last thoughts? Any advice or suggestions for Splat! or OPifex as a whole?
I think I've already said everything I wanted to say. Other than that I can't wait to see how it goes from here and I hope you like what I compose.