So... what'd you think?

Did you have fun?

What was fun about it?
Pretty colors.

What wasn't so fun?
The collision of the Rhino-ish monsters was awkward. I kept dieing to their horns when I tried to jump on them.

Did anything in particular stand out as awesome?

Did anything in particular stand out as awful?
Rhino horns.

Did you enjoy mixing colors?


Did you have trouble mixing or distinguishing colors?
I tried to revert back to a color by collecting more of a sinlgle color (e.g going from purple to blue) but it just never worked out. I did not realize that I had to splat on the ground to revert to black right away.

Did you enjoy the graphics/art style?
I like the style.

Did you enjoy listening to the in-game music?
It was pretty awesome.

Were the in-game sound effects satisfying?
The splat noise for when you kill a monster was quite loud compared to everything else

Did you have any trouble controlling Blob Man? Did he always do what you wanted him to?
Blob Man controls were amazing.

Did you ever feel like you didn't know what was going on? If so, please explain when/where!
When i had to clear my color after accidentally changing it I was not sure what to do for a short time until I accidentally figured it out.

Were the enemies interesting?
There was one that looked broken or something with long limbs and I don't even know how to describe it exactly.

Were they difficult? Were they too easy?
Rhino horns.

Were the menus easy to navigate?

Did you have any trouble?
I didn't seem to come across anything hardcore menu wise. But starting and ending the game was pretty easy.

What would you like to see more of?
This mystical menu nonsense that you asked me about in the last question. Maybe some volume controls for the really loud sound effects.

What would you like to see less of?

So overall, you would say your experience with Splat! was: 1 - Awful, worst game I've ever played. 2 - Bad, probably won't play it much if at all. 3 - Alright, I'll probably try it again. 4 - Good, I'm looking forward to the next release. 5 - Super fantastic! I love this game!!!

Any last thoughts? Any advice or suggestions for Splat! or OPifex as a whole?
Maybe a tutorial option in a menu so I can completely understand some of the mechanics such as clearing my color. I also had a weird video bug where I saw lines circling the little planet that were the different colors of the rainbow but I'm guessing that could just be a video card thing? idk. Good Job!